Within the last few months I have taken to Art Journaling. I LOVE mixed media!  It fascinates me how I can use various art supplies and create something I quite enjoy, because truthfully I don't always enjoy my own work.  I think it's because I see flaws however, this is different. Art journaling is all about the mistakes you make and how they, in the end, fit together.  I have been journaling since February and I will not post all of my work but some I am willing to share.  

This piece I call Shezen because it incorporates she art with zentangle.  Zentangle is really quite relaxing and it is great to do when your watching tv, waiting for someone or even eating breakfast.  I have wanted to dip my brush (well, really my finger) in paint to see what I would create for a Shezen image, here is my first one.  I hope you enjoy:)