Summer Updates 2014

Well this summer has passed by so very quickly.  In the first of the summer we started our daughters bedroom, which turned into a month project because we live in an old house.  She wanted it to be rainbow so that took awhile too. 

Then we moved into another project that is still happening now.  We decided to add a screened in porch.  I love to be outside but really the bug bites are too much.  Our daughter on the other hand loves to get outside as fast as can be; however, we have noticed she is slowly becoming a home bug.  I think that it was a good thought in practice....we started the process and even have the deck on the house and it is covered; but, the carpenter was not all we thought he was.  In short the roof is bowed and ripples so we have to take it off and put another one on and readjust the rafters. 

In the crafting world, a few things have drastically changed for me.  I have taken on the position to help promote C.C. Designs digital images with challenges and fun on their blog.  This is the most wonderful thing to be asked because I have admired their products for years and they are my absolute favorite place to shop.  The owners are awesome and they bring in such beautiful things to work with.  In short, come join us and we will be glad to see your latest creations. 
Happy Summer and Scrapping