Working but not posting ....

Well I have been working on about 5 different projects! Some are lengthly like my brothers album( which I was dispose to have completed when he graduated 3 years ago;0); other projects are quicker like this card inspired by a snowman from Digi Garden. I wanted to try something with acetate soooo I pulled it out and voila this is the end result. Hope you enjoy and if you get a minute go check out Digi Garden- Jacqui's creations are sooo super cute.


I have been working....

I should have posted by now but I have been working on a baby shower gift. My cousin is having a baby girl and her shower in in a couple of weeks. Here are some photos of the pages that have been completed thus far.


Fangs for the Treats! Bahahah.....

As we get closer to Halloween I realize I have been making cards but have not hung a decoration or carve dour pumpkins yet....perhaps it's time...lol. Tonight I created a card using digi Garden's Edward dressed as a Dracula. Not only is he cute but also from one of my top 10 movies... Can ya guess which ones...lol. Go on over to digi garden, even if your new to the digital world and save a free imag, print and see where the digital stamp world takes you;)
Cheers to all


Halloween and Digi Garden

Another attempt at catching the Halloween bug...it doesn't really take much!  I love doing Halloween cards they are so bright and colorful....not to mention that Digi Garden has fan-taboulous images and at really great prices!!!!!  This was a card I started and didn't get completed until last week but never got posted due to a crop (yeahhhhhhhh) and a migraine (booooooo)...so this the end result (yipppppeeee).  Hope you like the card folks!!  Have a super kinda day!!

Have a spooktacular pre-Halloween kinda day!
Cheers to all:0)

I went to a crop....

and for the entire day I worked on one card...lol..  I guess the good company and delicious food was more important:)

I loved working on this card as I gave myself the challenge to use another stamp besides the main image (from no other than Digi Garden).  I love, love, love, the images from Digi Garden!  This cards uses a ton of different companies so I am not even sure which ones to list...lol.  Have a happy Fall day and Enjoy Life:)

Cheers to All.


Another Doodle Dragon Studios.......Halloween

I love this little guy.  It reminded me of when my cousins and I use to go out for Halloween....Kenny would have typical "boy" outfits and a cowboy was no exception.  Here's to you Ken the Man!!

woops the first is the inside of the card. I cut it with a Spellbinders die.  The second is the card front...I'm just glad there is no sheriff in town....hehehehehe

cheers to another bright and shiny day (although very cold)

All that Scraps (Peace on Earth)

I worked on this card late in the night....I also wanted to keep it simple and let the words and picture do the talking.  I feel it is very plain but I am still new to the card making and learning as i go. I think I would like to make some cards with different folds.  Check out the wednesday challenges at All That Scraps

The inside of the card is cut from Spellbinders.  I just masked the stamp from Stampin' Up to break the word up.  I  need to go pack lunches and get everyone dressed for school.....Have a super day!


Some days.....

I am here to say some days are super busy and others you can get a few things accomplished.  Today is the Saturday before Thanksgiving and we were at swimming lessons.  Let me tell you that the stores were as bad as Christmas!!!  Ant hill here I come!

That said, I did not get many things accomplished this day in the world of scrapbooking/cardmaking.  Hoping after I clean some of the house tomorrow.....let's face it; who wants to clean the entire house in a day:(  Then I plan on getting some work accomplished in this area...perhaps another cookbook page!!  Or I may have to visit All that Scraps.......OH the decisions!!  I am sure to check out Digi Garden  as well.....


Dustin Pike Orginals

Sooooo I am a huge fan of Dudley the dragon and all the other critters at Doodle Dragon Studios.  I haven't checked in for quite a bit but last night I found a new challenge. I am hoping it meets the requirements!  I also figured if I was going to do one why not do another....so these re my creations for this cold Friday afternoon;0)

The first card "Have a FANG-tastic Halloween" was so much fun to make.  It reminded me of all the vampire related craze!!!!  OH What fun....bahhhhh bahhhh.  The second card reminded me that I need to get a pumpkin for Halloween to get ready for the big night.  There are three of us in this house so we usually do one for each of us.....

I almost always finish the inside of the card as well; these are no exceptions.  I did not however, take a photo to show anyone....I guess I will remember to do that next time!!  Now I just need to figure out how to post this on his site....Dustin Pike Current Challenge
Cheers for another day in Who ville


2 in one week!!

Woot woot I finished yet another project!  I hardly get to finish one lately sooooo two is exceptional! This is the October free digital image from Birdie Brown. I really love their images.  Her quirky personality shines through with the wonderfully creative images and sentiments.  Thank you Birdie Brown;). birdiebrown.blogspot.ca
I used smooch around the elf to give it a resist look or flowing look.  The paper line is from k & co.: Autumn leaves.  I used distress ink around the image and stampin' up chocolate chip around the edge. It was a super fun image to use.  I am anxious to see what next month brings!


Page One of a cookbook...

After long deliberation I have decided to give each neice on of these books but will give them a few completed pages each year.  This way I can add to the book at any time with new found yummy treasures. 

I had worked on this page last week and finished it up this morning.   I used another Digi Garden image.  This little scarecrow is the cutest little crop protector I have ever seen...lol.  I know when I cook I somtimes make notes about the recipie; so, with that thought in mind I think I will add a section to each page to do just that.  When I return to the cookbook again; it makes it so I can choose a meal that I have had before.

Another pheau paw.....leaning to take photos on my iphone and getting a clear image....lol


Here's to beginning Christmas presents......

Well, I have officially started working on Christmas presents.  My niece was diagnosed with Diabetes this year and she loves to eat.  So being a Diabetic myself I thought.....what better present could I give her then a cookbook filled with love.  Hope she loves it.  This is the title page or beginning page of the cookbook.  I absolutely loved using a freebie from Digi Garden.  They are so generous every Friday with a super cute digi stamp.  Since I am new at using copics I learned a bit about shadowing and using dark vs. light colors.  I can see that a person gets better the more they practice...I really don't want to let my dad know that the addage was right~~~ Practice makes Perfect after all...lol.

I hand cut the stand bottom making it uneven (the look I was going for). I used a popscicle stick for the side and wrapped it with a boarder.  And finally, I used a scalloped boarder bunch for the roof.  It was so much fun to put together.  Have a Happy Sunday those in cyberland. 


Catching Up with Catching on......

I must face the facts....I am not much of a blogger; however, I throughly enjoy when I do add the effort into my life;0)

I worked on various projects this summer but I must thank Jerusha Borden for her help in teaching me more about crafting cards then I ever thought possible.  She is a very taltented artist and crafter!!  Thanks roo!!

One of my very favorite things I learned was that there is a whole world of digital images that can be used on cards!!  Wowzers, they are limitless, I must mention a few of my personal favorites like Dustin Pike's work (love, love love the dragon....he is so darn cute), Digital Garden (Gush, gush, gush, I am lovin' everything they put on a screen....love it soooooo stinkin much) and All that Scraps (well they are just cutie tootsie).  I believe I have fallen into the digi world and there will absolutely be no turning back now.....on that note.....this scrapbooking/cardmaking year I pledge to make more than one comment per month....lol, giggle, lol.......


More thoughts on the challenge

So I was thinking that however many people want to participate then each person makes a card, sack it in the snail mail box and voila- you have a card for the category. I think our numbers can change so beginning June 1st we will honor summer with a month about sauces-any kind, one you use to BBQ, or marinade or whatever you do in the summer....perhaps not hitting the sauce .... I believe thre are enough people who know how to do that;)lol If you are interested and want to try then please leave a comment;) Chow for now Btw I think it should be sent by June 24 :) Hopefully this works with your schedule. Happy scrappin!


Recipie card challenge

I am not sure if anyone reads this blog of mine but after watching some videos today I thought about a challenge. What if once a month we swap decorated recipie cards, with recipie included, to reflect a monthly challenge? Is anyone game at all?


Card Challenge for All that Scraps

I tried, oh my did I ever try...lol.  I am just not that adept at getting around my ipad...now I am on the desktop and I believe I can get this posted....lol. 

This is the first card challenge for All that Scraps that I have participated in..so I hope I can get it all together.


Happy birthday to me....

Just checking
Well I must say that it is a super nice sunny (although a bit chilly) kinda day!!!!  I am so darn fortunate to be with my family today!  Today I turn 35 - how does time pass so quickly...

I finished a card yesterday at a crop for All that Scraps!  they have the most beautiful stamps and I loved working with this one.  I used a stamp with Birgitta holding cupcakes.  I love the cupcakes they are so darn cute; not to mention Birgitta, how much cuter could she be!  IJ must give credit to Pararie Paper and Inks.  Watching Amy's videos brought me to All that Scraps and inspires me to do cards! 

Bring on the summer and loads more stamps!  Happy stamping! 
Maybe I will actually get some cards completed now that I found a site with stamps I just can't live without....:)


Card Challenge #117 for LCOM

I loved making this card it was so fun...I dug out some stamps I had forgotten about and some chipboard letters that were bought when I first began scrappin.....OH THE STASH!!


Stamping Fun for LCOM

So one of the bestest things that happened this year is I have become part of the Design Team for Sketches at Let's Capture Our Memories (LCOM)- I love every minute of it.  I also thought that doing some challenges for LCOM would be super fun.....again Loving every minute of it...so I decided to try a third thing.  I finally got my nerve up to not only start a blog a couple of months ago but also to post some of my work....not something I am use to.  Everyone needs to step outside their box....so this is one of my box steppin things.....lol.  Here is the card challenge for January 25, 2012. 

Catching Up ....

As some may know I have not posted a lot on my blog.  Resolution #1  Post more of my work...So I have decided to get some of the stuff I have worked on in January posted..