Here's to beginning Christmas presents......

Well, I have officially started working on Christmas presents.  My niece was diagnosed with Diabetes this year and she loves to eat.  So being a Diabetic myself I thought.....what better present could I give her then a cookbook filled with love.  Hope she loves it.  This is the title page or beginning page of the cookbook.  I absolutely loved using a freebie from Digi Garden.  They are so generous every Friday with a super cute digi stamp.  Since I am new at using copics I learned a bit about shadowing and using dark vs. light colors.  I can see that a person gets better the more they practice...I really don't want to let my dad know that the addage was right~~~ Practice makes Perfect after all...lol.

I hand cut the stand bottom making it uneven (the look I was going for). I used a popscicle stick for the side and wrapped it with a boarder.  And finally, I used a scalloped boarder bunch for the roof.  It was so much fun to put together.  Have a Happy Sunday those in cyberland.