Three friends

This card came together because I did it a bit at a time. It is a standard size card and as I was waiting for things to dry or heat up I just would do another bit on it. Most of the products are recollections from Michael's. So without further adieu.

Cheers to all


Bird love

I loved making this card! In this frigid weather it was super cute to see that two love birds could cozy up with one another! This digi stamp camp from All That Scraps, another favourite store of mine. I have noticed that I especially like images that are clear line images with clean images- Digi Garden and All That Scraps are two sites I clearly recommend. That little ramble aside here is the sweetest little love birds around!

As always....or most often I also posted a pic of the inside too. Enjoy
Cheers to all


UR Outta this World

I loved making this Valentine because it uses one of my favourite past designers- Polycraft! I absolutely love her creations (even though I don't know her name??? Anyone?). Plus, making a "boy" theme was a challenge! ;0)

Hope you enjoy another creation from the scrapshack


From the Heart

Of course I used Digi Garden's sweet girls to create this card! I have been making easel cards to distribute as they are different than traditional and have just enough room for a sweet note to your hunch-ka-bunch;0)

I used fancy pants paper for the background and some paper purchased for the Cricut (years ago). The flower is from doodlebug designs and the button, thread, journaling spot and note paper are unknown.


Hearts A Flutter

My grandmother loved this card!  It was made for a Valentines but instead she got it for her birthday. Using no sentiment allows cards to sometimes be so versatile.  I used Claudine Helsmouth's canvas and a punch to create the heart. Then I just used acrylic paint to finish it OSS dusting with a bit of glitter....bling makes people sooooooooo happy:).
Cheers to y'all

Angels among us.....lol

I am not sure how your Holidays went but mine went by in a blur......as well as when I was a child!  The magic was absolutely there but all the days before we're almost painful. Waiting for Santa to arrive then the big day finally got here!  Only to realize that a day or two later parents could no longer use the "you better be good because Santa is watching (although I am sure they tried....lol". This card's sentiment made me feel just that way!  Lets face it being good is hard work!

Shake-shake-skate it up

This Christmas card was so fun to make!  I totally forgot about some of the things I was taught when I first started scrapbooking and crafting!  This card also used some embossing which I forget about from time to time.  It adds just enough texture that it allows all the elements to shine individually or as a group.  Hope you enjoy this card too:)

As a crafter just learning more about card elements I loved making this card!  Seeing little ones interact with it was definitely the highlight for me!  Enjoy another craft by Tarah!  I sure hope you are bundled up nice and warm because it is a clear but f-r-e-e-z-I-n-g day here.

Cheers to everyone.

Part of a Birthday celebration!

This birthday celebration is long past due!  I think it is one of the first albums I ever worked on but I found the pictures and work so I thought I would post it!  If nothing else but for family to see how much these precious little ones have grown!  My how time flies!

Some Christmas Cards

I forgot to post over the Holidays!  That said I am trying to catch up because let's face it: if you let it go then it just gets way too far ahead!  I am not even sure how many I have to catch up on....lol

I loved making this lizard card!  It was so non-traditional and it went to a great home!  I used a peel and stick wall sticker so the card could be interactive.  The per-teens that live in the home it was sent to loved the fact that after Christmas they could re-use part of the card as decoration!  

Personally, I had tons of fun using the Tattered Angels misting spray and Twinery twine!   Love both products.  They were so easy to use and look great!  Have a happy day everyone:)

A Little Love....

I absolutely love the Digi Divas over at DIGI GARDEN!  Seeing as Valentines is just around the corner I thought I should do a card or two.  I completed this a few days ago.  Hope you like it!  Enjoy

Tarah DeMerchant