Shake-shake-skate it up

This Christmas card was so fun to make!  I totally forgot about some of the things I was taught when I first started scrapbooking and crafting!  This card also used some embossing which I forget about from time to time.  It adds just enough texture that it allows all the elements to shine individually or as a group.  Hope you enjoy this card too:)

As a crafter just learning more about card elements I loved making this card!  Seeing little ones interact with it was definitely the highlight for me!  Enjoy another craft by Tarah!  I sure hope you are bundled up nice and warm because it is a clear but f-r-e-e-z-I-n-g day here.

Cheers to everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tarah,
    What a Fab little Shaker Card!!! Love the Snowman image...the layout ..the colour scheme ..the shaker middle on the Snowman is just Fab Tarah...Love this card. Its raining here and really Cold too...Stay warm and craft I say LOL.
    Hugs Jacq xxx