A Few Days Before Christmas....

and all through this house anyway, we are battling an all out "time-out"!!  Why does it seem necessary that with the words of Santa the crazy level of children also increases!!!  WOW- it makes me want to report her to the naughty list.....lol.

Anyway; besides that, Christmas shopping is finally complete and we are trying to get a few things wrapped now and then....it feels as though we will never get there.....

Does anyone ever finish all their scrappin presents before the day???  I seem to be trying to compete with father time....[sigh].  I have been working on a paper bag album (which I loved making).  I put 8 bags together (making 4 complete pages)- having never made one before, I was astonished with the bulk and number of pages you could get from just two bags! Holy Moly.


where does time go in a day????

Recently, I have tried to organize my scrappy room.....Only to find out that spending a few minutes here and there is never enough.  Now, Christmas is here, all the presents have landed in this room and now I am trying to organize both parts....not sure if it will happen but eventually Christmas will be over and that also means that the presents will be gone.....so I guess I will salute Father Christmas with a friendly hello and just put scrapping on a pause for a few more days....lol

cheers to all


Older Work that has been found......

Did you ever notice how often you have pictures "tucked away" but when you find them it's like a lost treasure!!!  I did this book for my cousin's little girl and I had an absolute great time doing it.  When I look at this particular photo I realize how quickly time flies...he's now in Kindergarten....OH MY!!

this LO explains itself....lol

This is the birthday girl's Great Grandmother- Aren't they beautiful!!!

this is the birthday girl's brother- it's a boy thing.....lol

He played until he realized he had an audience....lol

It really is the only thing we eat that we allow someone to blow on, over and over again......lol

I will keep updating as I go.  We are off on another doctor visit.

cheers to all

Cards, Cards, Cards.......

I think becasue of the Christmas season coming I have been in a card mood....not to mention LCOM has an awsome sketch blog that inspired me to finally get things rolling in bloggerville:0) 

Happy Birthday Card:

Non-Traditonal Christmas Card

Let it Snow Christmas Card

Snow much fun Christmas Card

I just realized that I am unsure if you are suspose to list materials used in each creation???  Hummmm, I guess I will have to blog hopping (yeah!!!)

Cheers to all


They call me....LADY CLEOPATRA

Really I feel I must explain....I thought I would never be the parent to gush....I have had second thoughts on that issue!!  This is my baby- she is the most beautiful and enlightening creature I have had the privledge to meet!  Motherhood had absolutely been a jolt to my "old world"; however, I would never trade it for the world. 
 Pictures taken by: Photo by Amanda (2010)

New to the land of Bloggerville......

Well I have to mention the fact that I have attempted this a few times only to fail.....well, really not fail just not complete the steps....lol.

On that note I am glad to say that I am blogging.....hopefully now and forever as it is a super way to get all the tidbits of a day recorded and posted for the world to see.......hummmmmm

One thing I know for sure at this point in life......I am still willing to learn and adapt (for the most part) to most things.  That said; perhaps, that is why it has taken me 6 months to really get a blog going......pause for the cause.....

The other thing I am willing to accept.....this blog is really for me to ramble about a whole lot of nothing to some but a whole bunch of something to me:0)  On to the posting part now........

cheers to all