A Few Days Before Christmas....

and all through this house anyway, we are battling an all out "time-out"!!  Why does it seem necessary that with the words of Santa the crazy level of children also increases!!!  WOW- it makes me want to report her to the naughty list.....lol.

Anyway; besides that, Christmas shopping is finally complete and we are trying to get a few things wrapped now and then....it feels as though we will never get there.....

Does anyone ever finish all their scrappin presents before the day???  I seem to be trying to compete with father time....[sigh].  I have been working on a paper bag album (which I loved making).  I put 8 bags together (making 4 complete pages)- having never made one before, I was astonished with the bulk and number of pages you could get from just two bags! Holy Moly.

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