Catching Up with Catching on......

I must face the facts....I am not much of a blogger; however, I throughly enjoy when I do add the effort into my life;0)

I worked on various projects this summer but I must thank Jerusha Borden for her help in teaching me more about crafting cards then I ever thought possible.  She is a very taltented artist and crafter!!  Thanks roo!!

One of my very favorite things I learned was that there is a whole world of digital images that can be used on cards!!  Wowzers, they are limitless, I must mention a few of my personal favorites like Dustin Pike's work (love, love love the dragon....he is so darn cute), Digital Garden (Gush, gush, gush, I am lovin' everything they put on a screen....love it soooooo stinkin much) and All that Scraps (well they are just cutie tootsie).  I believe I have fallen into the digi world and there will absolutely be no turning back now.....on that note.....this scrapbooking/cardmaking year I pledge to make more than one comment per month....lol, giggle, lol.......

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