Dustin Pike Orginals

Sooooo I am a huge fan of Dudley the dragon and all the other critters at Doodle Dragon Studios.  I haven't checked in for quite a bit but last night I found a new challenge. I am hoping it meets the requirements!  I also figured if I was going to do one why not do another....so these re my creations for this cold Friday afternoon;0)

The first card "Have a FANG-tastic Halloween" was so much fun to make.  It reminded me of all the vampire related craze!!!!  OH What fun....bahhhhh bahhhh.  The second card reminded me that I need to get a pumpkin for Halloween to get ready for the big night.  There are three of us in this house so we usually do one for each of us.....

I almost always finish the inside of the card as well; these are no exceptions.  I did not however, take a photo to show anyone....I guess I will remember to do that next time!!  Now I just need to figure out how to post this on his site....Dustin Pike Current Challenge
Cheers for another day in Who ville

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