OH Happy Day!

Really Kris from Imagine That has out done herself!  This cute kitty is just screaming that she needs to be in your digi collection....really don't you think so?

Before becoming a part of the DT at Imagine That I hardly ever printed off colored images.  I thought if you made the card well shouldn't you color it?  I must admit the efficiency of having a image all ready to go is not just great, it's AMAZING! 
I am late with this blog entry....well I busted my knee, not once (just about healed) then I fell over my Grammies dog.....grrrrrr.  I could not walk for about 5 days and then when I was learning to hobble I at least stayed home off the ice and can now get around pretty good again....okay that is enough of my sad story; but, I am back in business and hope to be creating some new cards for a Party that just might be coming your way!  I really would go check out the Imagine That store because BIG things might be coming your way....you know....just sayin.....
cheers Y'all
happy crafting

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