DIY Texture Paste, Modeling Paste or White Paste

This is a warning....MY FIRST PICTURE TUTORIAL IS ABOUT TO BEGIN... hope you enjoy, leave me loads of feedback as I will try to improve as I  continue to do tutorials for Inky Impressions.

This tutorial begins with DIY Mod Podge because it is one of the basic and first ingredients you will need.  IF you have already purchased Mod Podge, just skip this section :)

After making your own Mod Podge, the fun creating your own Texture Paste will be so much fun!!
When mixing your paste be sure to break up any lumpy bits and stir until all the contents are thoroughly mixed together. 
Now you get to use the white paste you just created!  Have fun, go wild!

I always let anything that has paste (cardstock, canvas or Bristol) thoroughly dry.  I usually allow a few hours.  On big projects a day only because I have created this much I don't want to have to do it again:) 
I cut the hearts out and inked around the edges to add some red ink and white pearls to the completed project.  See super easy peasy and wonderfully frugal!!!  I love to create but I love it more when I can use house hold supplies to create fun and creative projects. 
Happy Scrappin!